The Romantic Poet

The Romantic Poet
Stanley Cohen

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gravitating Away

Gravitating Away
by Stanley Cohen

I do not stand alone in my world, cos she fills it
Each text she sends in the morning lighting my phone like the rising sun
Promising a new day with no cloud and no adversity
She will be with me, and for today, I feel no rain
The soft smooth morning sky; her satin silk skin
The beating rays of sun; her eternal promising smile
The deepening view out of my window; a sight into her eyes
A wander into the fresh; a dive into her heart
A day with her builds my crumbled hope
And holds my ambition high whilst motivating me to strive
My arms longing further and stronger,
If only she would return my embrace
A day spent with her is like sitting within a cloud
Below is the world we leave behind
But droplets of doubt bring a flooding of reality
If a chance of us together is the sea, I am merely floating on imagined dreams
Like dew in the morning my lashes carry tears
We’re together, but always apart
A glimpse of our potential love is a star in the sky
That shines so bright but dies before realising reality
Within me my soul may never rise again
And this heart will beat no more
For all I am is the love she provides
And today, I am always night


  1. This comment was made by Wendy Brady on the original site;

    Wow! and Whoa! This is such an enormous write, I love its fulfilling depth and courageous insight...It was a pleasure to read and let me tell you the light poured in and replaced night with a full moon of power, great, totally amazing!!! love Wennie…